Here is a short list of our most popular items. Call 523-4539 to place your order or inquire about custom made treats!

At Bluesberry we make every item from scratch, using nothing less than high-quality, all-natural ingredients. You'll never find any chemical additives in our products. And after just one bite, you'll understand why our customers keep coming back for more of our fresh savory , plain or chocolate croissants, cakes and cookies.


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Breakfast items

Plain croissants $3

chocolate danish $3

Strawberry cream cheese danish $3.00

Ham +swiss Croissant $ 6.00

Feta +Spinach croissant $ 6.00

Egg, sausage, cheddar Croissant $ 6.00

Egg,bacon,cheddar croissant $6.00

Egg,+cheddar croissant$5.50

Turkey,bacon,cheddar croissant $6.00

Apple turnovers $3

Blueberry turnovers $ 3

Blueberry muffin $3

Chocolate chip muffin  $3

Apple cinammon muffin $3.00

Cinnamon buns $ 3.00

Blueberry scone $3

Raspberry scone $3

chocolate chip raspberry scone $3

special order!

maple walnut scone $3

Cinammom raisin scone $3

cranberry scone $3







Pecan tart $5.50

Cranberry walnut tart $5.50

Linzertart$ 5.50

Flourless chocolate torte$ 5 whole $36

Apple strudel 5.00  per slice whole $30

NY style cheese cake with fruit small $5 

Boston cream pie $5.

chocolate mousse cake 8 inch $40

strawberry whipped cream cake 8 inch $40

 chocolate chip,,snickerdoodle cookies $1.00

almond and chocolate biscotti $2.00

if you need large quantities of the above items please give me 3 day notice for

pepairing the desserts , gift certificate are available